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Black Friday Mentality

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Have you ever seen a normally mild mannered pleasant woman turn into a screeching devil on Black Friday? I went to Toys R Us with my friend Sheila to pick up some toys for my granddaughter for Christmas. I will never forget this as long as I live. The woman went armed with her credit card and her cell phone in case we got separated. As it happened, I heard her southern accented voice all over the store as I was choosing dolls for my granddaughter. Raggedy Ann dolls were on sale for eight dollars each instead of regularly priced eighteen and I grabbed two of them. Barbie dolls were on sale for six dollars apiece down from seventeen dollars. Four of them went into my bag.

I heard Sheila across the store in tricycles yelling for a salesperson to help her carry a riding toy. I heard Sheila expounding on the price of a Fisher Price plastic climbing set for indoors. I heard Sheila yelling for ya'll to clear the way so she could carry all this stuuuff. Then I heard her shouting that Ah'm at the checkout and for me to meet her there.

She got half price on her toys. Safely back home and watching Satellite TV offers, we wrapped our toys and her voice changed back to the sweet woman I know.

Raggedy Ann

The Redhead Riter

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