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Tips To Help You Have An Interesting Blog

Put color on your blog!

Color - Although men are scientifically more visual than women, we still like things so "look" appealing. Color draws the eye to the blog and encourages it to stay if the colors are inviting.

Photos - Post at least one good photo per posting. If the color encourages them to stay, the relevant photo encourages them to stay longer to read your posting.

Uniformity - We all seek peace. Great grammar, spelling and distinct paragraphs with spacing is a must because the reader needs to flow through your writing in order to grasp and relate with your thoughts.

Header - A header starts the whole blog. You wouldn't go to an elegant party completely outfitted from toe to the beginning of your scalp. No, you would make sure that your hair looked great too! Your header is your hair, so add a little hair spray and run a brush through it LOL That, of course, is a loose analogy.

A button/badge - Here is another analogy...Women love ear rings. Your blog's badge is the ear rings and your best advertising piece. I have a whole page dedicated to everyone's badges. People specifically ask me to take their badge and I do especially if they are willing to post mine too. Isn't that the whole idea of friendly blogging--supporting one another? If you want to see my friends buttons, it is on the tab called SPECIAL BLOGS.

Don't add music - Although I am the number one fan of loud, window shaking music, don't add it to automatically come on when someone accesses your blog. The majority of peeps just don't like included because when I am blogging at 3:00 a.m. and have forgotten to turn down the volume, it is terrible to access a blog with music that blasts throughout the house.

Posts - Ensure that your posts are interesting and consistent. Readers need to know that you are going to post consistently so that they will make a point and create a habit of visiting you often to read interesting things about your, your life or the world around us.

Ask - Don't hesitate to ask questions. There will be many that ignore you or are unwilling to share good information, but there are also many who are more than happy to help you.

I hope that helps. Happy blogging!

The Redhead Riter


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