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Changing Labels in Blogger

Do you have too many key word labels in your posts? Have you added an "s" or "ed" or possibly both to a main word and now your posts are scattered and disorganized? Then it is time to fix them up!

With a little patience and time, you can have your blog postings categorized without a zillion key word labels. I hope you noticed I used both "patience" and "time" in requirements for this organization feat. Just remember to take One Step At A Time.

I'm going to dedicate this posting to PJ who has a habit of deleting my email instructions. (laughing my head off)

Changing Labels in Blogger

Let's use the word ABUSE as an example

• click POSTING

• click EDIT POSTS

• find the key word label that you do not want any more in the left column and click it

• the example shows "abuse" as the key word label to change

• after clicking the key word, all the postings with that key word label will be listed to the right

• click EDIT next to the first post

• go to the key word labels and erase the key word that you do not want any more

• if necessary, replace it with a different word


Now start all over again with the directions beginning with the and ending with the

You have do do this for EACH key word label you want deleted or changed with EACH posting

That's it!

The Redhead Riter


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