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Numbering Comments

numbering comments

I offer giveaways on two of my blogs, The Redhead Riter and Contests & Giveaways. One thing that I needed on my blogs was to have the comments numbered. I had tried several times to get the code to work, but to no avail.

I am, however, determined. I do not want to have to count all the messages to get a winner! So, with mouse in hand, I feverishly surfed the internet...and surfed...and surfed.

Then to my absolute thrill...


I found a blog with the greatest tutorial on adding numbers to the blog's comments. Not only is it easy to understand, but also includes snapshots for the more visual individual.

(Raising my hand way up in the air saying, "That's me! That's me!")

It is a blog written by Susie Jefferson who in her own words is a "Happily married freelance artist & designer based in London, addicted to bookbinding, mixed media and digital art."

Cute button, huh?

Like me, she also has several other blogs, but I haven't had time to check them all out yet because I am still celebrating my success with adding numbers to my comments on two blogs already. But I am going to head on over to the rest as soon as I publish this post! I am sure her blogs are going to be filled with all kinds of things that I like and I am sure I will get more insight on better bookbinding.

So if you are going to ever host a giveaway, save yourself some trouble and add the numbers now. Head on over to Computery and find out How To Number Your Comments at

Thank you Susie!


SomeGirl said...

Thank you! I'm doing a giveaway this week and needed to find a way to number my comments... THANK YOU!! ♥ Michelle

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