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Importance of Journaling

Bookwright's Journal
Image: Bookwright

Why should you and I put all the time and effort into keeping a personal journal?

Let's see if I can name a few reasons that might inspire you to take journaling seriously.

• record your life for your posterity; create a memoir of your life

• help yourself analyze situations and experiences from all angles which will help you notice and hopefully not repeat bad patterns

• keep track of your growth

• improves your writing

• organizes your life and choices

• gives you an opportunity to relax and meditate

• the relaxing nature of writing and recounting life has a medically therapeutic result

• clarify your dreams and goals

• can release all your old hurts and wounds by dissecting them and then letting them go

• share your experienced wisdom

• face your fears in an effort to overcome them

Keeping a journal can be as simple as writing in a notebook, so it shouldn't scare you away. If you keep a blog, it is the perfect place to start. Just make the effort to print and bind the pages that are journal worthy.

When should you start keeping a journal? Yesterday? Last week? With that said, start now. There is no time like the present to begin a worthy endeavor.

"After the writer's death,
reading his journal is like
receiving a long letter."
~Jean Cocteau~



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Tomas said...

This was the comprehensive overview. While reading your list, I grasped that the reasons for writing a personal journal explains the cause of painting too. As the colors as the words report of the same dealing with human being here and now (produce the same medically therapeutic result) Thank you.

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