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Cute Little Hats by Buddy Tops

Penny Pinching Mama is hosting this giveaway for these cute little hats!

Here posting reads like this....

BuddyTops to the rescue! Designed for both warmth and play, these hats are essentially a collection of plush animals for heads aged 3-12. The cast of characters have their own personalities to help children grasp the importance of such things as honesty, perserverence, courage and respect.


Emma received Mitch, the Tiger Cub who listens to adults. As the tag states:
Mitch is a young tiger cub who looks up to his parents -- just like you! He watches and learns from them so that he can one day become just as loving and caring. Your new Buddytop still makes little mistakes, like leaving tiny paw prints on Mommy's floor, but he knows that with each lesson from his parents, he will make fewer and fewer boo boos. Mitch treats his parents and other grown-ups with respect, and he knows you will too!

We had hoped to have cousin model Stewart the courageous Tiger, but she wasn't available in time for this review so Emma's modeling him as well. He is a protector and comes from a long family of fearless tigers!

Amazingly, Emma not only let me place these adorable hats on her head, she let them stay put. No fussing, and no tantrums. Hallelujiah! Whether she loved the cute characters or the luxurious soft material, I'm not sure. But this hat stays put, and it will keep her head and her ears warm all winter. That's all that matters to this mama.

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