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To Blog or Not To Blog


An online journal is called a blog or personal blog. The first online diary is believed to be Claudio Pinhanez's "Open Diary", which was published at the MIT Media Lab website. Justin Hall's "Justin's Links from the Underground", Carolyn Burke's "Carolyn's Diary", and Bryon Sutherland's "The Semi-Existence of Bryon" were among the first online personal bloggers.


The New York Times called Justin Hall "the founding father of personal blogging" in an article by Jeffrey Rosen, entitled "Your Blog or Mine?" published December 14, 2004. Justin's official blog is "just in teractive" at, his official website at, and a video clip of his breakdown called Dark Night at The reason that Justin is the most popular is because he created the first personal web page which included his day to day activities in spite of the sometimes embarrassing detail.


There are conflicting reports, but the highest I found was that there are over 210,000,000 blogs. I don't know about what you think, but that is a whole lot of history, photos, and opinions. Some people write about everything and others filter the information they post on their blogs.


Do you think there is a right or wrong amount of information that should be shared on the internet about a person's life?



Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

I never knew the history of blogging, tfs! I wonder how an online journal came to be called a blog

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