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Preserving Photos

In this day of digital photography, we take more and more pictures of the people, places and things we experience. Because of the ease of taking such a large amount, we often forget a few "do's" and "don'ts" when preserving the photos we have printed.

• Scan every photo NOW
(I need to do this!)
• Do not touch-your fingers are oily
• Dust and dirt are the enemy
• Store in low humity
• Prevent fluctuating temperature
• Do not use regular pens to write photos
• Use special photo glue and tape only
• Do not use paper clips
• Do not use rubber bands
• Do not store in Ziploc baggies
• Print all digitals
(use the printers same ink
and paper - don't mix brands)
• Turn cherished photos to black and
whites (last longer)
• Use copies of photos in frames
(not the originals)
• Store in neutral PH envelopes if
you don't want to use albums
(do not use cardboard boxes)
• Do not store photos stacked together
• Store high in case of flooding
• Create digital photo albums
• Use only photo approved papers (acid free)

old photo
Image: courtesy of Just Something I Made


Judy Harper said...

What about the plastic boxs the size of shoe boxes, can these be used for storing photos until they're scanned and placed in albums?

The Redhead Riter said...

If the plastic box or lid contains polyvinyl chloride it will release gases causing photographs to fade, wrinkle and stick to the plastic.

Invest in archival photo boxes and acid free papers to store large quantities of photographs.

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