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Create a Blog Button or Badge

Blue Cotton Memory needed a hand at creating a badge/button for her blog, so this is my extra easy tutorial.

If you copy the information in the box below and paste it into a Blogger HTML widget (for Wordpress, paste this code the same way you paste other buttons in your side bar)...

You will get this to appear on your blog...If someone copies from inside the little box and pastes it on their blog...

Blue Cotton Memory

They will get just your button or badge.

Blue Cotton Memory

Click on this image for detail

HTML code to create blog badge or button

Good luck!

Update: Word Press is a bit different, but here is a link that will help you


Jill said...

This is the EASIEST directions EVER!! I have looked on dozens of site...and they are all so complicated!! THANK YOU from the bottome of my heart ♥

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