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Basic HTML for Images

Images. Pictures. Photos.

I could go on and on about them.

Images added to a blog posting make all the difference in the world to me. They add depth, character and interest to the thoughts and words written.

There are a few requirements for the HTML of an image shown in red.

• begin HTML with <
• next , img src=
• put URL enclosed with " "
alt="name of pic"
title="name of pic"
height="number of px"
width="number of px"
• put > at the end

Here's an image of a handsome man (smile)

George Clooney

This is how the HTML looks for the image.

image requirements

Depending on the browser, when you hover over an image it will show you either the TITLE or the ALT. Ensure you use both and that they are the same.

To adjust the images, height and width, drag the corner as shown below.

Obviously, you'll have to click to enlarge so that you can read the directions.

image resize

There is much more to learn about images in future posts.


Anonymous said...

Handsome guy, great voice, just ruins it with the political agrandizement he spews forth! Is there anything you can click and fix that?

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