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Become The Author of Your Story

What happens after you die?

How are you going to share the experiences you had while living and impart advice to those that you love? It makes you think doesn't it? There is a fantastic way to not only accomplish this, but also to improve your self-awareness for personal development. How? The easy answer is to write daily in a personal journal or diary.

Blank pages scare you? That's ok. Don't write at first. Buy a book that will lay flat. Pick something that reflects your personality and is enticing to your eye. Now collect flat things that make you happy such as pictures of George Clooney, dried flower petals, pieces of special fabric, string of yarn, piece of thread, pattern piece, candy wrapper, family photo, newspaper article, recipe card, crayon wrapping, announcements, church programs, or even the grocery list. Now flip through the pages of the journal and randomly put the items between different pages. The journal becomes less intimidating. It has become personal. You are in the book. Now find a pen that doesn't make splotches. You know, those big splotches that appear out of no where and smear on the page, your fingers, hand, arm, get the picture.

It is quite apparent that keeping a journal will help all those that read it to understand your happiness, struggles and words of wisdom possibly helping them make better decisions. Revisiting old experiences and ideas assist in our personal development. The old adage of "learning from our mistakes" bears remembering. Often when we are on the other side of a problem and have surfaced from the pain, being able to go back puts a different twist on the experience. That is why it is so important to write daily while you are muddling through the messy parts of life. Our reactions to those misfortunes can become increasingly more positive if we take the time to reflect on personal change and take the actions necessary to have them come to pass.


It really does boil down to the discipline of setting aside ten minutes to write your thoughts each day. Once you get past the intimidation of a book full of empty pages, commit to yourself that for ten minutes each day you will write in a journal. In the end, it will be more exciting to read than the latest paperback novel. No one else can live your life and only you can be the author of the book.

Start today.


Anonymous said...

That's one reason why I blog. I like to write things down. One day when I'm done with my blog I will print the important and memorable entries and put them in a journal.

Judy Harper said...

Good post, Red. I've kept journals all my life, yet when I look back I see periods where I didn't write in them every day. I bet those could be stories in themselves. I also print off my blogs and place in a notebook for keeping.

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

Blogging makes it easier to record your experiences, but I still like the old-fashion way of putting pen to paper

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